Atheists of the New River Valley

  • Atheists of the New River Valley is an organization for people interested in atheism, equal rights for atheists and issues related to the separation of church and state. Some atheists refer to themselves as rationalists, humanists, secularists, freethinkers, etc. All are welcome in this group.

    Atheists represent from 5-12% (or more) of the population of the United States according to which poll one uses. In the United States, we are more numerous than Jews, Muslims and Hindus combined. What is atheism? Click here for a little clarity on the subject.

  • Interested in meeting other atheists in the New River Valley? Please complete our survey.

  • The Freethinkers at Virginia Tech has reorganized and is meeting every other week. Their next meeting is October 21 from 6-7:30PM in 300 Squires Student Center. \This club is open to not only students but also members of the community. All are welcome.

  • While some conservative pundits like to claim that the separation of church and state favors atheists, the separation began to protect religious groups from each other. Take for example the posting of the Ten Commandments on public property. Not controversial? Which version do you choose? The Protestant version or the Catholic version? Why not the Hebrew version? Which religious group will the state favor over another?

  • Check out Dave Silverman's Nogodblog:

  • To receive information on meetings and other activities, please join our listserv.


Atheists of the New River Valley
P.O. Box 359
Blacksburg, VA   24063


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