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650 Canaan Road, SE
Christiansburg, VA 24073
(540) 382-6350

Camp Christi

State of Virginia Campground for the
with general offices in Anderson, Indiana

Camp Christi

Camp Christi is located on the top of Christiansburg Mountain (4704 Roanoke Road, Christiansburg). This location offers a beautiful view of the mountains. It is a central location of congregations throughout the state of Virginia.

Camp Meeting services are held yearly during the first week of August. Youth Camps are held during the month of July. These camps are divided into different age groups. Junior Camp, Junior High, and Senior Camps. Please visit the Virginia Assembly of the Church of God page for a schedule of events.

2012 Camp Meeting from August 5-11, 2012. See schedule at http://www.virginiachurchofgod.com/id25.html.

The campground has camping facilities for out-of-town visitors and parking for both local and out-of-town visitors. There is a cafeteria that serves home cooked meals. There is a snack bar managed by the Churchmen. There is a playground and swimming pool for the children. Children's programs are held during the Evening Worship service and other activities are planned during the day. Youth activities and planned to follow the Evening Service and other additional conferences and activities during the week.

You can't beat the Mountain Top experience of the scenery and inspiring worship.

For more information see the COGVA website.


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