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WELCOME to the ICB's 
Arabic Font page

Read the Arabic Text in the ICB's Arabic Site (Free)

ATE: ArabicText Editor ($25.00 Donation)
Send and Recieve Arabic Email
Compose Arabic Web Pages and other Documents

ATV: ArabicText Viewer (Free)
View Arabic Email sent by ATE (Receive only)
View Arabic Web Pages and other Documents generated by ATE 

Arabic in this Website can be viewed using either
English or Arabic Windows.
To be able to VIEW the Arabic text, you NEED to:

1. Download the True Type Font "Iqraa.ttf" and copy it to your "C:\Windows\Fonts\"; folder.

First download the zipped file "Iqraa_ttf.zip", and unzipp it directly to your "C:\Windows\Fonts\"; folder.
2. You may also Install this font using the windows Control Panel.
Download the zipped file "Iqraa_ttf.zip", and unzipp it to a temporary folder.  Go to the Start-Ssettings-Control Panel-Fonts-File-Install New Font.  Browse to the temporary folder.  Choose the Iqraa.ttf.  Click OK.

3. Reconnect to this site again. You should be able to view the Arabic text below and throughout this site

Pâ[kf ²»ºÀ Gh Fd;vj Lj Ì Igg ]lpgh

Arabic pages in the ICB website were prepared using the
"Arabic Text Editor" for Windows.

This Saftware package was developed by the Islamic Center of Blacksburg to enable both English and Arabic Windows users to:

  • Compose Arabic Text Websites and other Documents
  • Send and Receive Arabic Text Email
Arabic text files as ascii replace the slow scanned image approach.

You can get a copy of the ATE software for a $25.00 Donation to the Islamic Center

Comments and More Information, write to sedki@vt.edu